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The war on drugs is like a chess game.. there are many "pieces" in the game.. the most number of pieces are the pawns.. and you have to "knock off" the pawns to get to the KING.. and win...the pawns are the most expendable... I suspect that most pts ha ve talked to an attorney about getting some resolution to this denial of care.. only wants to focus on getting at the KING.. They know that the KING has a small army of attorneys and "deep pockets" to drag things out..


The pawns... don't have deep pockets and not able to afford a small army of attorneys.. These pawns believe that they are invincible .. they don't realize that they are pawns.. They mistakenly believe that the KING, QUEEN, KNIGHTS & BISHOPS have their backs.. I believe that these pawns can be turned from being the "enemy" to a ally ... but - IMO - they need to be sued to show them the errors of their ways