First they came for the mentally ill addicts, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a mentally ill addict.

Then they came for the empathetic prescribers, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a empathetic prescriber.

Then they came for the Pharmacists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Pharmacist.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me



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  1. Yes I am one that my doctor stop giving my pain meds. He said my test cam back positive for something , really I just got out of hospital and they gave me so many diffrent meds it was unreal about 5 diffrent pain meds and the med for migrain and don’t know what else I seen him 2 day after I got out he did drug test came back with other stuff along with my percaet . He looked at me and said I’m mot giving no more cold turkey when I have neen on them for 6 to 7 years that was hell

    • I went through a similar experience with suboxone doc. I was addicted to pain meds. I went to A treatment facility and got clean . Subs helped me get thru but just like pain meds you have to taper off or withdrawals. When I went 1 year good behavior no other drugs or alcohol use I was sure they saw my genuine effort to get better. As he began to taper he cut in half, then half again , then half again. So low so fast I felt uncomfortable at the tail end. I mean almost the finish line but advised him I was too uncomfortable at this bare minimum and was experiencing withdrawal while taking my tiny dose. I was sure he would put up a notch to ease considering my good efforts , prefect drug test and the reality that I told him no way I can handle this it may lead to relapse. My surprise he was cold and said sorry not only I can’t bump it but we are done! Literally told me to be a man and take it like one.!!? After Two years clean of any alcohol or street drugs I relapsed shortly after his response. He didn’t care about my recovery, just the checks. Same goes for these pharmacies who make millions what is the harm in dispensing an opiate blocker that you don’t get high on and use to maintain a chemical imbalance due to addiction? Same as Nicotene gum in a way. Or Campbrell for alcoholics. I’m thinking they really expect me to take as prescribed then come in on the very last day forcing me to miss work or other obligations to run over there just to see now “if it’s in stock” which is code for “do you wanna serve this patient” says tech to pharmacist. Only 2 days he said he cannot it’s illegal. One excuse after another. I called my usual cvs that I couldn’t get to in time and they said it’s fine we’ll fill it. So I asked him how is it they can and you can’t? Frustrated and out of convenience I said sure you can tomorrow (1 day early) since I have a job in area morning. He still said no!! I said man it’s not like I’m completely out and abusing my doses I still had 1 or two left and was happy to show him and he came with more lies. I said to him “clearly you have discussion and it’s evident you are assuming I am abusing the prescription in some way, a drug dealer(even though I’m in uniform) or just plain trying to pull a fast one on you” he wouldn’t actually admit to that but suggested if the other CVS would fill it then go there basically refusing my service. Even the next day which I’m sure is ok and not illegal 1 day early. Frustrating

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