Doctors of Courage

I am a disenfranchised physician because of the war against doctors. Fifteen out of my 150 patients died after the government closed my office. That is 10% loss of good people that didn’t deserve to die. I was released from prison on Dec 16, 2015. I am building several websites. is live. Please, if you know of any doctors who have been or are being attacked for pain management, please contact me on the website. Please read my thoughts on the doctors I have written about so far. If you want to build rights for the chronic pain patient, we have to first stop the attacks on good doctors sticking their necks out. I’ll write more later.

Good doctors are being attacked by the government!! These doctors believe in the Hippocratic Oath and should not be forced into losing everything they’ve worked for.

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  1. I’m from a blue collar neiborhood.I know everyone and everything going on. The so called addicts that are dying is not from pain medicine taken correctly. They mix all sorts of concoctions together and stop breathing. Then blame the poor dr that they conned pain medicine from. People, read the toxicology reports before you jump the gun on good drs.the other scary thing is that you being fooled by law enforcement are standing as jurors against the poor are flooded with false information beleiving that if the law arrests a person that they are guilty.I have a story from when I was,my brother inlaw and younger brother were at a 7-11 backing out when he bumped a car.I have light brown hair,both my younger brother had redish colored brother in law had light brown curly oldest brother had dark skin and jet black hair. He was home sleeping with his girlfreind being that he was a hard honest worker. We werent. The police couldn’t figure out who was in the car driving.being teenagers nobody ratted.they looked up the only one in the house with a drivers lisence was my older brother and blamed him go rest his father didn’t know either who did what but he knew it wasn’t andrew so they went to trail.the only way that person identified him was by the police giving her a picture of him and she did and he was found guilty of something he never did. That’s the law folks…leave the poor drs out of this garbage……if drs completly stop these medications these people wouldbe overdosing on dam grocery items next…what will they do then,close the grocery stores and arrest the casheir??

  2. Hello , I have another one for us great free constitutionally protected folks.the new thing is they the law kick peoples doors in on their homes over anything at any time they feel like it. Gudges hand out warrants like gummy bears in a grocery store.nobody ever comes out their doors anymore out of fear of something like this.and these people around here don’t do anything wrong but have fear and daughter and tori which me and my wife took in six years ago were in sixth grade sitting on the side of the road like teenage girls do when a bunch of bully undercover cops pulled over to search their school bags.being trained very well by me they refused to give them their names or anything without me and our attorney they bullied the living crap out of them and broke their constitutional rights because they know their is no constitution anymore.soon by god what’s next that they will do….,.?? What happened to our constitution??? Where is that beautiful feeling of freedom we once had inside of us?? That’s where donald trump is so right when he calls them liars….hopefully we the people get together and fight like in the sixties they all gathered at the whitehouse..we need a massive revolution to get goin on here. Folks with guts to die for our freedom again.drs are being conned by the best conn artists in the worlk, junkies and then being blamed if they get in trouble or die from illegally mixing drugs with prescriptions.I never,ever met a bad,law breaking doctor in my life..people, fight for your dr……

    • Here is another new thing for people in serious pain. I was just in stonybrook hospital in long island new york for kidney problems. They had to put second cathiter in my groin.there were two drs in my room, one that I was her first patient and the other experience to guide her as they said not to worry its only a pinch.I trusted them which turned out to be a grave mistake, well that pinch was so painful I grabbed the drs shoulder sqeezing so hard I dislocated it. I was literally red and sweating.needless to say it got infected by midnight so finally so painful I called the nurse and told to give me something for the pain. She said ok I’ll be right back. She came back with tylenol seven hours later.she thought I just needed a fix and that I was a junkie so she took it opon herself to decide if I was in morning I cancelled my operation and told them I’m going home.they held me against my will and said I was too mentally I’ll to make a decision for mysself and then got a phyciatrist to come see me thinking he would go along with their lie but it backfired on them. After talking with me he said this man is totally normal. Finally I escaped their prison.this war all started over asking for a simple painkiller.I’m sick to mjy stomach over the law scaring these drs and even hospitals now so bad they can’t even treat a patient correctly without playing a game like what I witnessed.

  3. I am so sorry to here what has happened to both you and your paients :'( God Bless you for fighting the misinformation out there and writing the truth! We are standing with you here at The Insufferable Movement @Facebook!
    Lindsay and Michael

  4. Dr. Carl D’Agostino Midland, Texas
    My 74 year old dad was his patient; he suffered a massive heart attack and died 34 days after the DEA raided the doctors office. My mom was taking my dad to the hospital for an MRI in hopes of finding him another physician when the heart attack occurred three blocks from the hospital. She had him at the ER within minutes, the ER doctors worked for over an hour trying to save him. Unfortunately, he passed away in what I consider MURDERED by the DEA.

    • I’m so sorry that your father died, which I’m sure was partly caused by being off of medications that he needed. I obviously don’t know his medical history, but I’m a paramedic and I can tell you that patients that are on opioids, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants cannot be suddenly taken off of them without the risk of having rebound hypertension which can cause stroke and or heart attack, seizures, hyperthermia ( fever) and the list goes on. This can also happen when they decide to do a drastic tapering of a patients medications. It’s sad that we have pushed people with chronic pain to commit suicide bc they can no longer stand the constant pain they are in. I’ve been on far too many of these calls and it absolutely burns me up bc their death was completely preventable if they had been properly treated for their chronic pain. I also suffer from chronic pain from an auto accident where I was hit by a drunk driver which made a mess of my spine. I continued my career as a paramedic, but it has taken a toll on me and I’ve watched as Drs are running scared bc they’ve been threatened with losing their license. I pray that more physicians get the necessary training to treat patients with chronic pain because the truth is that animals that are in pain are being treated with opioids, which is fine bc i wouldn’t want my dog suffering, but there’s something very wrong when we will let a human being suffer in pain and will tell them to “ just get over it!” Or “ you need to try meditation.” Meditation is fine, but it doesn’t take the place of pain medication that’s needed for those in chronic pain.

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