I won’t worry about your cold turkey withdrawal.. I won’t feel a thing !


I’ve had a huge Run in with my doctor. Needless to say I believe I have grounds to sue him and I’ve been talking with an attorney. But this isn’t the only thing I’m up to. I’m trying to start a class action lawsuit. I don’t know how to post this in a group. I would be honored if you would share this and or post it in some pain groups. Thank you so very much.

I know I’m really new in here. I want to try and help those of you who have had their prescription pain medication taken away without provocation or warning.

Last Friday my longtime physician refused to fill my order of tramadol. He said he was apparat how high the dosage was and that I’d need to go to a pain clinic for my pain from now. He cut me cold turkey. He wouldn’t taper me down, he wouldn’t decrease the dose either. He said the DEA is on their way here as we speak. There is no way I will fill your script. I reminded him that he had ordered me to be on more. I was able to cut back some on my own. He said absolutely not. Then I asked him about withdrawal. He didn’t offer any advice about what to look for as I withdrawal, he wouldn’t treat withdrawal symptoms, he wouldn’t even get me a bed in a treatment/detox facility so I could be monitored and comfortable. Sunday I went to the ER and told the ef Doctor what had happened. He was appalled and agreed with me when I told him it was abusive, negligent, unethical, and dangerous for him to do that. That is my story. I’m currently working to get a lawyer to fight my case against him. I also want to start a class action suit against the medical profession, DEA, big government. Whomever is responsible for the intimidation our doctors are feeling. They are looking at us as junkies, drug seekers, derelicts. This is an update as to where I’m at in my fight.

I am making some progress on my medical neglect/medical malpractice suit. I talk with an attorney tomorrow morning. This is a definite strep in the right direction. I even told them that there are way too many people in my same position. They are prescribed meds by their doctor and for no reason and out of the blue they stop the medication totally. They don’t decrease the medication, won’t taper them off gradually, won’t offer withdrawal support, or offer them a bed in a detox/rehab clinic so they can safely go through withdrawal and detox in a safe and monitored setting where they can also be treated for some of the hell withdrawal can lead to. Many of these pain medications cannot be stopped cold turkey. The risks of seizures, suicide, cardiac arrest, and many more horrendous possibilities when pain medications are abruptly stopped with no intervention, monitoring, or medical assistance. Whether I have a case or not with my personal doctor I plan on working towards a class action lawsuit. I know of one other person who had this happen to her just like me, and from the same doctor. I would like people to do a little thinking. If I’m able to get this attorney to file a class action lawsuit against the medical community, DEA, big government, whoever is responsible behind our doctors shutting the doors on us and our pain. Please think about your situation with pain meds and your doctors. If I’m able to get a class action lawsuit formed, would you be interested. I am getting a little ahead of myself right now. But if such a case comes along I’m assuming the bare minimum information they would need is: patients name, physicians name and clinic, city and state,date it occurred, anything like injuries, medical stuff like cardiac arrest, suicide attempt, medication, any complications to going cold turkey. What were some of the things you weren’t able to do while detoxing or after your pain medication was stopped, how was your life affected. Think about these things if you might be interested. I’m not taking names or information right now. I am however really curious as to how many people have had to suffer because their pain meds were taken away and had no help with withdrawal. Please feel free to share this post if you would like. If you would like to let me know I’m not alone in this type of situation please message me privately. As a reminder, I do have an appointment with an attorney in the morning. I’ve already spoken to two different paralegals in the last 24 hours. Something must be done for chronic pain patients. We are not drug seekers, junkies, or doctor shoppers. They way they have been treating some of us is illegal, unethical, dangerous, and abusive. Patients have rights.

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