Woman gets sick after drinking CVS nutritional shakes that expired in 2015

Woman-grandson-CVS shakes.JPGWoman gets sick after drinking CVS nutritional shakes that expired in 2015


Phyllis Quarles like a lot of seniors drinks CVS Pharmacies Liquid Nutritional Shakes for her health. After consuming a few new ones she says she got sick.

Quarles, 79, who lives in Arlington, says “Just nauseous and wanted to make me vomit.”

Grandson Donny Watkins checked the bottles and discovered something alarming.

Donnie Watkins says “That the bottles were over a year expired and they were on sale too.”

Watkins claims he bought the bottles on August 25 from the CVS on Columbia Pike in Arlington that turned out to have expiration dates of August 4 of last year.

Over in Alexandria, Watkins says the bottles purchased at this CVS on North Quaker show a Sept, 18, 2015 expiration date.

Both City’s Health Departments say the two stores have no violations of expired products in the past year.

Watkins says he spoke with CVS earlier this year and was assured all expired products were removed.

He returned to the CVS store in Arlington and claims he found the same product past its expiration date on store shelves.

Watkins says “They didn’t clear the shelves and the products were still expired.”

ABC 7 News Investigator Scott Taylor asked “So twice you found this?”

Watkins says “Yes.”

7 On Your Side reached out to CVS which emailed:

CVS Pharmacy has a clear product removal policy in place at all of its stores to help ensure that items are removed from store shelves before they reach their expiration dates. Any unintentional deviations from this policy that are brought to our attention are quickly rectified for customers.

We have apologized to our customer for the incidents at our stores in Arlington and Alexandria and we have requested copies of the documentation required to reimburse his grandmother for any related medical treatment. We have also followed up with our stores to reinforce adherence to our product removal procedures.

Donnie Watkins says CVS is now reaching out to him and his Grandmother.

He says “I’m very thankful you made some contact for us.”

We checked at the Arlington CVS and shelves are now stocked with current expiration dates on their Health Shake products.


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