End of Road


This is the last post that I am going to post on sites other than my own. www.pharmaciststeve.com 



Those who read what I post on my web venues are free to copy, share on other sites.

I welcome comments and willing to post opinion pieces by those in the chronic pain community and/or advocates for chronic pain… anonymously if you wish.

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I made a post almost a month ago stating that I was going to be Changing directions

My initial time frame was going to be after the Presidential election in November to see if the chronic pain community and other that should be aligned with the chronic pain community would be able to create some political unity. While there has been some attempts.. just like all the White House and other petitions that have been created over the last year +…I have seen little evidence of a sizeable cohesion.

The bureaucrats and the bureaucracy – IMO – are acting like the “school yard bully” and the rule that prevails in “the wild”… the most aggressive “take out” the weakest in “the herd”. To them, every causality/kill is a VICTORY.

All of those who should be allies or defenders of this pt abuse… are seemingly quite content to turn a blind eye or stand on the sidelines watching it all happen.

Our legal system has declared both that “opiate abusers” are criminals and those who are disabled, unemployable, elderly, etc… their “lives” have “little value” when it comes to damages for their lives or quality of lives being harmed that there is no financial upside for an attorney to take a case on a contingency basis. Justice is not only blind.. but.. it discriminates against a large segment of our population.

I expect that my posts will start containing more editorializing and quite critical of many of the parts of our system and our “civilized society”… that are involved in numerous human rights violations.

By pulling back posting on other sites… these more critical posts will not offend administrators of other sites or some of their readers and I don’t have to defend what I post.

Remember… if you DO NOTHING… you GET NOTHING… and PASSIVE PTS… normally get POOR OUTCOMES.



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